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About us

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An oasis of well-being in the middle of Boppard

The wellness center in Boppard has existed since 2005 and was successfully run with a lot of love and great customer satisfaction. I took over the business on January 1st, 2021.

My name is Junsri Hub , I have always been interested in wellness and foot care and in 2019 I trained as a medically certified foot care specialist at the Cosmetics Academy in Koblenz and then continued training as a med. Podiatrist,

Facial treatment, reflexology massage, migraine massage done in the Samanee Academy in Straßenhaus. Together with the tried and tested team and the newly added foot care, we will continue to offer and expand satisfaction and quality.

My team and I are looking forward to our customers, whom we hope to see soon, also in the newly renovated pedicure room.

The team

Sutta Profil Junsri Hub

Junsri Hub

Management / foot care

Junsri Hub completed her apprenticeship at the Koblenz Cosmetics Academy to become a medically certified foot care specialist. After further training at the Samanee Academy in Strassenhaus, she decided to have her own business and opened Sutta Wellness in 2021.

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Ralf Hub

Management / Marketing

Ralf Hub supported his wife Junsri in opening her own wellness salon. He himself takes on all the renovation work, as well as the marketing and accounting functions.

Business philosophy

We stand for service & quality!

With competent specialists, we want to guarantee an excellent quality standard in which the well-being of the customer is our top priority. We take care of you personally in order to choose the best treatment method tailored for you.

Our team is characterized by many years of experience and takes part in regular training courses in order to always have an outlook on the latest therapy options.

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